Our offer

At LAVA, we cut our teeth automating Wealth Management’s most intricate business process – onboarding – in the most challenging of all workflow environments: Trust companies.

Everything is more demanding on the Trust side of financial services. Regulations are more stringent. Compliance is more tightly enforced. And onboarding of new accounts requires answering not 30-45 questions, as it does in the brokerage business, but nearly 150 before you get to funding – and not including approvals and committee reviews.

Our expertise and experience are second to none, and we want to put them to work for you.

Here's our offer...

Pick a process(s) you would like us to automate, or engage us to help you find and automate your most problematic process. We guarantee you a 20% return in efficiency, or will return 25% of our charges upon completion of the project.​

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